Ensuring your vision becomes reality - GLOW Blotique's team of talent listens and guides your hair and make-up choices to create an unforgettable masterpiece.  We focus on providing exceptional styling for your special occasion, from bridal to senior portraits, from prom to high school reunions, from modeling to date night.  It's not just about looking beautiful, it is about feeling beautiful - and that is priceless.  xo

 Hair & Make-up GLOW Blotique  Photography  Katie Weber

Hair & Make-up GLOW Blotique

Photography Katie Weber

Bridal - Susan & Ron Kinser

I woke early full of butterflies with my wedding day ahead of me.  I was excited, but also had a sense of calm come over me. I had a team that was ready to be by my side and help my vision come to fruition. Glow Blotique had opened its doors on a Sunday of a holiday weekend to ensure we were bridal ready for the most unforgettable day.  Teresa had organized a crew that made my family and friends feel loved and beyond beautiful. She and Aimee had mimosas ready to toast the occasion, music playing, and talented artists that were ready to work.  I had met with Teresa, Ashley, and Angie for several consults, exploring my vision. They listened to my stories, my dreams, and patiently helped make them a reality.  Ashley had my hair pulled back, smooth and voluminous, and not in a position to budge. Angie made my face picture-perfectly flawless with her amazing color-matching and airbrush products. My family and friends also enjoyed blow outs, curls, up do’s and bubbly…truly a Sunday kind of love.

I left Glow Blotique feeling pampered, beautiful, and part of a new family. For there will be more stories to tell, more dreams to share, and more reasons to celebrate. This team continues to brighten any day and any occasion! 

“Keep shining, beautiful one. The world needs your light.” - Anonymous

Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are an incredibly special moment, when life closes one story and begins a new one.  Choosing age-appropriate make-up and hair for a timeless and authentic portrait is our focus.  Make this moment last, make your senior GLOW for all the accomplishments completed and yet to come.

 Hair & Make-up GLOW Blotique  Photography  David Designer

Hair & Make-up GLOW Blotique

Photography David Designer


On location hair & make-up for any styled shoot.